Golden Retrievers du Bois de La Rayere

golden retriever kennel du bois de la Rayere

It all started one Sunday in 1986 while attending the French National Championships in Lille.

hat was the day I met the Golden Retriever.
A love affair was born...

he very next day I started reading everything I could find on this race that was up to then unknown to me

fter many difficulties and with much persistance, I met another person with a passion :
Miss Colette de VINCK (affix :
"Noroy du Plessy"),
who taught me an enormous amount about goldens.

My first Golden came at the end of 1987 :
La´ka Noroy du Plessy
(Ch.Nortonwood Foregoer & Kipling's Balmoral Mist)

, as all the Goldens who fallowed, was above all a familly pet.
Yet after only a few shows with La´ka I was hooked...

In 1992, I was lucky enough to meet another exceptional lady :
Sue ALMEY (affix "
who breeds Goldens with champions every generation.
Early 1994, I was lucky enough to acquire a bitch with tremendous qualities in both work and conformation :

Arbutus Ladysmith : ź Dune ╗.
(Ch. Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien x Arbutus Anacortes░

and Dune were to be my foundation bitches from which came my first two champions :

Our main golden retrievers

French, Luxembourg, V.D.H, International and Deutscher Champion
L'Eau d'Issey du bois de la Rayere
(CH. Mabella James v.d. Beerse Hoeve & La´ka Noroy du Plessy)

Luxembourg, Belgian, Internatinal, V.D.H and Deutscher Champion.
Moon Light du bois de la Rayere
(CH. Mabella James v.d. Beerse Hoeve & Arbutus Ladysmith)

While at Crufts in 1995, I looked up Mrs Hennessy Lyn (affix : Ritzilyn)
as was looking for a son of Ritzilyn Cockney Robin ( in my opinion an excellent example of the race).
She suggested that I contact Mrs Robinson Gainor (affix
: Beeangee).

his is how I became the proud owner of a very special dog with
the conformation and character which all retrievers should have :

French, Netherlands, Luxembourg, V.D.H.  &  International Champion
Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash ("Must")
(CH. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin & Stanroph Spring Breeze at Beeangee)
A big thank you to all who helped me to know and understand this fantastic race